Real Time Bill Validation

Tribe Utilities will validate your new bill to ensure you are only charged what was agreed

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Real Time Bill Validation

Tribe Utilities will validate your new bill to ensure you are only charged what was agreed



At Tribe Utilities, we are excited about green energy.
Looking towards the future of our businesses should include considerations around how we are going to power that future. The potential implications for our businesses are massive!


Renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, and water, might seam new age, but continuous technological development in harnessing these incredible power sources means now more than ever before, switching to green energy source makes financial sense.
Our team are not like other green energy providers. We challenge the idea that
‘being green’ is all about making a big commitment, about making an extra effort,
and paying extra costs. At Tribe, we believe green energy shouldn’t be viewed as an
‘alternative’, quite the opposite, green energy makes sense for us all, and we want
to see it where it belongs, as a mainstream energy source.
We know if not handled properly, Gas procurement can be both time consuming and confusing. But, we also know that getting the cheapest business gas prices can make a significant difference to your business.
Installing renewable technology and generating your own power supply rather than buying verything from suppliers has a number of stand out benefits:


• Entire cost savings or reductions in your business energy bills. In some cases, you can generate an additional revenue stream by selling your surplus generated energy back to the ‘grid’.
• Reducing your dependents on non-renewable energy means you not only save money, but you have more freedom and control over your own businesses energy needs and consumption.
• Your business will be helping to create new jobs in the renewable energy industry, great for business image and PR related opportunities.
• Your business will be helping to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other green house gasses.


The Tribe vision and commitment to our clients, is to remove all obstacles to going green, ensuring the minimum costs and efforts involved in makings the switch. The reasons to switch are not just environmental, our prices are competitive across the entire utilities industry, not just the green energy market. In addition, our commitment and belief in green energy is so great, that customers choosing to switch the Tribe way, become shareholders, free of charge.  Get in touch and ask us about your options in green energy. Our team are excited, and ready to take your call.

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30 % of UK SMEs are over paying on energy bills. 1 in 3 companies we work with will save money immediately

 40% of businesses don’t switch when their fixed price tariff ends and end up being automatically transferred to costly ‘standard’ tariffs

 70 % of businesses believe the 2016 OFGEM report will mean that the energy market will be better regulated

With our Free Market Appraisal you can save

an average of 40% on your current energy bill